1. What type of thread lead screw of lathe has ________________
a) Acme  
b) Square
c) Whit worth 
d) Butters

Answer:b) Square

2. In a riveted joint the edges of plates are simply laid over each other and riveted.
 This joint is called
a) Butt joint
b) Lap joint
c) Edge joint
d) Corner joint

Answer:b) Lap joint

3. While drilling the drive is overhated due to its
a) Drill point is not in centre 
b) Cooling is sufficient
c) Cutting speed is too high
d) Rough holes 

Answer:c) Cutting speed is too high

4. In which method of manual bending of sheet metal the folding line is to coincide with edge
 of bending tool?
a) Folding bar method
b) C' clamp and hardwood
c) Angle iron and 'C' clamp 
d) Hatched stake method'

Answer:d) Hatched stake method'

5. The body of aeroplane is made of aluminum because to its ________
a) weight
b) Melting point 
c) Point 
d) Colour 

Answer: a) weight

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