Tuesday, September 8, 2015


* Which one of the following is the formula for size to form 100% thread?

a) Major dia-TPI x 1/pitch
b) Major dia-1.5 x pitch
c) Majordia-2 x depth of thread
d) Major dia-TPI x pitch

* While assembling using bolt and nuts, we use the correct length of bolt. The nut is passed through mini

a) At least two threads on the bolt
b) at least Ten threads on the bolt
c) At least five threads on the bolt
d) at least four threads on the bolt
e) None of the above

* Spring washers are used infer nut to prevent

a) Damage to the bolt
b) Damage to the nut
c) Damage to the parts of the equipment
d) Slackness of nut due to vibration
e) None of the above
* The pipe reamer is used to ream the pipe-Reaming is done after ______

a) pipe cutting
b) Male thread cutting
c) male thread cutting
d) pipe bending
e) None of the above

* In a shaping machine with mechanical driven ram the ram speed is not uniform________
a) At the beginning of the cutting stroke
b) In the middle of the cutting.
c) At the end of the return stroke
d) In the middle of the return stroke

* In a transition fit, the maximum interference is

a) Algebraic difference shaft and hole
b) Algebraic difference between minimum hole and maximum shaft.
c) Algebraic difference between maximum hole and maximum shaft.
d) Algebraic difference between maximum hole and minimum shaft.
e) None of the above

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