Thursday, September 10, 2015


1. The correct bevel of rounded blade is restored by grinding it over ___________
A. Oil stone
B. Sand paper
C. Emery paper
D. Grind tone

Ans: - D. Grind stone

2. GI pipe sockets are designated by ____________
A. Its nominal bore
B. Its length
C. Nominal bore of pipe for which it is meant
D. Its weight

Ans: - C. Nominal bore of pipe for which it is meant

3. Compressive strength of any individual brick____________
A. Shall be more than 10%
B. Shall be less than 10%
C. Shall not be less than 80% of specified strength
D. Shall be more than 8% of specified strength

Ans: - C. Shall not be less than 80% of specified strength

4. GI pipe available in market are of length ___________
A. 6m
B. 20m
C. 16m
D. 8m

Ans: - A. 6m
5. Brick are laid _____________
A. With frog up
B. With frog down
C. With frog on side
D. With frog on face

Ans: - A. With frog up

6. Foot rests are fixed in man hole at _____________
A. 20cm a part
B. 45cm a part
C. 40cm a part
D. 20x20mm a part

Ans: - C. 40cm a part

7. Lap joints are strengthened by ____________
A. Glous
B. Wooden pens
C. Screw
D. Nail

Ans: - C. Screw

8. Mortar pan is used for ____________
A. Mixing of concrete
B. Finish floor
C. Measuring cement
D. Carry excavated materials

Ans: - D. Carry excavated materials

9. Heavy duty CI cover are used in manholes constructed _____________
A. Near the large building
B. Near septic tank
C. On roads
D. Near tall building

Ans: - C. On roads

10. Soakage pit is constructed where
A. There is no septic tank
B. After a leaching cesspool
C. After dispersion trench
D. After septic tank

Ans: - D. Septic tank

11. Cement concret is____________
A. Good in tension
B. Weak in compression
C. Good in compression
D. Equal in tension and compression

Ans: - C. Good in compression

12. If clearance angle is too low____________
A. The rake angle decreases
B. Cutting edge digs in
C. The rake angle increases
D. Cut progressively increases

Ans: - C. The rake angle increases

13 Which one of the advantage of wood shown below is incorrect __________
A. It can be easily converted
B. Has better insulating property
C. Resale value is good
D. Heavy in weight

Ans: - D. Heavy in weight

14. While sharpening of blade, the material used to minimize the heat caused due to friction is
A. Cold water
B. Oil
C. Hot water
D. Wax

Ans: - D. Oil

15. While hand mixing of cement concret
A. Cement and coarse aggregate is fast mixed
B. Cement and sand are first mixed
C. Cement and water are first mixed
D. None of these

Ans: - B. Cement and sand are first mixed

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