Tuesday, September 8, 2015


* A field of force can exist only between
(a) two molecules
(b) two metal particles
(c) two atoms
(d) two ions
Answer: (d) two ions

* A nichrome wire used as a heater coil has the resistance of 2 £2/m. For a heater of 1 kW at 200 V,
the length of wire required will be
(a) 25 m
(b) 35 m
(c) 80 m
(d) 45 m
Answer: (c) 80 m

* All good conductors have high
(a) reluctance
(b) Temperature
(c) conductance
(d) Power
Answer: (c) conductance

* A field line and an equipotential surface are
(a) Parallel
(b) Less than 45°
(c) More than 180°
(d) always at 90°
Answer: (d) always at 90°

* The units of capacitance are
(a) volts/coulomb
(b) Capaciter
(c) coulombs/volt
(d) Wb/Colater
Answer: (c) coulombs/volt

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